Temporary living expense coverage is very beneficial if you’re unable to live in your home. But what happens in the case of a flood? Are you covered? What about flood insurance?

What is Temporary Living Expense Coverage?

Temporary living expenses can be included in many types of insurance policies. It allows you to live elsewhere while your home or apartment is being repaired or rebuilt. The damages themselves and property repairs are covered by the rest of your policy and are not technically a part of temporary living expenses.

In other words, think of temporary living expense coverage as an extra benefit to your home or renters insurance.

This coverage kicks in for any incidents that make your home unlivable. This includes things like fire, tornados, hurricanes, and yes, floods. It also kicks in if you’re under a mandatory evacuation order.

This coverage will reimburse you for expenses you face to live outside of your home, including:

  • Hotel bills
  • Restaurant meals
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • And more

When You’re Covered

Besides home and renters insurance, you can purchase other additional coverage as well. This includes flood insurance. This will cover any damages related to floods, but not necessarily temporary living expenses.

Most of the time, flood insurance must be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government flood insurance plan. If you have a flood insurance plan through the NFIP, additional living expenses are not covered. Some private insurance companies, however, provide flood insurance with temporary living expense coverage.

Your additional living expenses might be covered in the event of a flood, then, but you need to check with your insurance provider to be certain.

How to Find the Right Flood Insurance

To find flood insurance, you first need to decide the coverage you need. If that includes temporary living expense coverage, you will need to look at available private flood insurance plans in your area.

However, keep in mind that if you have home or renters insurance, your temporary living expenses should be covered under that plan. Separate coverage under your flood insurance can provide additional benefits, but only in case of a flood.

When buying flood insurance, it’s very important to compare your options. Different providers will have various benefits at different price points. Knowing what you have to choose from will make sure you get the best possible policy at the best price.

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