Umbrella Insurance


Philadelphia Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a special type of supplementary insurance that covers not just the policyholder, but their family members too—an entire household even. It is a type of personal liability insurance which covers the claims that fall outside of your other policies, such as your homeowners policy, watercraft policy, and general liability policy.

This type of insurance is popular because it is fairly affordable in comparison to other types of insurance. When you take Philadelphia Umbrella Insurance, it covers the injury and damages caused to the people around you, which may or may not result in legal action.

This insurance covers the damage that exceeds the amount covered by other standard policies you have taken. For example, if you have auto insurance but are at fault in an accident, the umbrella insurance will kick in to cover what the existing auto insurance policy cannot. Similarly, when you have a renters insurance claim the umbrella insurance may cover certain losses that the primary renters insurance policy does not.

Some of the other things umbrella insurance can cover:

  • Wrongful entry
  • Privacy invasion
  • Malicious prosecution and other types of hazards
  • Injury of another person due to your own negligence
  • Reputational harm

The Importance of Purchasing Umbrella Policy

No one plans on getting sued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared; it’s almost always better to be on the safer side. An umbrella policy safeguards you from lawsuits and adds extra liability coverage to your standard insurance policies, i.e. auto insurance, homeowners insurance, etc. It should however be noted that umbrella insurance does not cover bodily injury to yourself, damage to your personal property, or any liability you willingly take on under contract.

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