If you regularly drive a vehicle for business purposes, you need commercial auto insurance. However, there is a big difference between a delivery truck and a food truck. There is a big difference between a taxi and a tour bus. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find that your insurance needs are not covered by a standard commercial auto insurance policy. Let’s consider some unique situations that drivers may find themselves in.

What If I’m Pulling A Parade Float?

If you are pulling a parade float to promote your business, that’s generally going to be regarded as a one-time activity. So long as you let your insurer know that you’re using a company car in a parade, you should be covered without the need for any additional protection. If you are using your car as a promotional tool on a regular basis, it is likely going to be protected under the advertising policy you carry as part of your business insurance.

What If I’m Running A Food Truck?

If you’re preparing food in your vehicle, talk to your commercial auto insurer about food truck insurance. If you’re selling pre-packaged food, ask about vendor truck insurance. These may seem like the same thing, but there is a world of difference in their insurance needs.

What If I’m Giving A Tour Of Famous Hollywood Landmarks?

Whether you’re just taxiing people to and from the airport or driving at ten miles an hour down Sunset Boulevard — and whether it’s a full-sized bus or an eight-seat van — you’re going to be looking for charter bus insurance.

What If None Of The Above Coverages Apply?

Commercial auto isn’t just deliveries and pickups. There are a lot of different ways to use your vehicle for work, and you may find that there is no existing plan for whatever it is that you do. No matter what your scenario may be, the solution is simple: Contact your insurance agent at 215.357.7878 and let them know what your work entails. If they can’t cover it under your current policy, they can recommend a new policy to better serve your specific needs.