You consider your home safe and secure. However, there are plenty of unexpected hazards that might strike at any time. Events from fires to vandalism, theft or water damage might occur without warning, and they might damage your belongings. What are some practical steps you can take to protect important items like your clothing, jewelry, mementos and furniture? If you need to claim these items on your homeowners insurance, what do you need to do?

Keep Receipts And Take Photos

Documentation is great when it comes to making a homeowners insurance claim. If you can prove the value of an item, then you are more likely to recover an appropriate amount of money for the loss. Therefore, don’t hesitate to document the value of certain belongings. For example, when buying new furniture, keep your receipts and take pictures of the items. File these items in a place that can withstand damage, such as in a network cloud or a waterproof, fireproof box.

Buy A Safe

Many people buy safes or security boxes to store important items. For a relatively small investment, you might be able to protect such important assets as:

  • Jewelry
  • Social security and bank information
  • Medical records
  • Family photos
  • Insurance policies
  • Credit cards and cash
  • Deeds, wills and titles

These safes or security boxes might be waterproof, fireproof and able to withstand crushing weights. However, when you buy one of these, keep it hidden. Even though you might keep the box locked, thieves are very crafty and can pick locks. Safes are often the first items they look for in a break-in. If you are especially safety-conscious, consider storing important belongings in a safety deposit box at a bank.

Don’t Advertise

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your best jewelry or showing off a new piece of electronic equipment. However, don’t leave these items laying around. Not only might someone in the house catch sight of them, but someone on the street might do so also. Always put these items away (in a locked place, if possible) when you leave home.

Use Waterproof Storage

It is a good idea not to store belongings in cardboard boxes. Plastic or sustainable storage boxes can better protect these items. Anything from a leaking pipe to a pest infestation might damage items stored in cardboard. The bad news is that occurrences like these might have no coverage under your home insurance. Your insurer might claim you could have prevented the damage. And they might deny your claim.

Never store your belongings in places that leave them exposed to potential hazards. It’s a better idea to protect them as best you can. That way, you’ll possibly receive a better return on your homeowners insurance claim.