Does Car Insurance Pay For Towing?

Does car insurance pay for towing? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the kind of car insurance coverage you already have. This is why it’s good to check with your car insurance company. If your car insurance doesn’t cover towing, you don’t want to find out when you’re stranded on the road. But if your car insurance doesn’t pay for towing, you still have options.

What Kind of Car Insurance Covers Towing?

Towing costs are covered when you purchase “full coverage” car insurance. You may also see this referred to as “liability and collision plus comprehensive” by your insurer. If you have this form of car insurance, your insurer will pay for towing.

In some instances, you can get towing costs covered through someone else’s car insurance when involved in a collision that was the other driver’s fault.

Why Wouldn’t Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Towing is considered a form of roadside assistance. It is completely different from liability coverage, so if that’s the only kind of car insurance you have, you won’t have roadside assistance. Roadside assistance encompasses more than one type of service. It applies when you lock your keys in your car and need a locksmith, have a flat tire, or need towing because your car has stopped working. If you don’t have full car insurance coverage, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for these services yourself.

So what can you do? You can add roadside assistance to your already existing car insurance coverage. It will cover all of those services and spare you the unexpected towing costs.

How Does Roadside Assistance Coverage Work?

You can get roadside assistance coverage as a rider for an extra $5 to $15 per month. It’s also available as a form of third-party coverage – for example, if you have a used car, the dealership may have it as part of a warranty.

Some roadside assistance policies have different coverage levels, where one will cover more towing mileage than the other (e.g., basic coverage would cover towing up to 15 miles, while the more advanced option would cover 100 miles). They either cover the towing automatically or reimburse you the costs later. If you have to pay out-of-pocket before getting reimbursed, you need to have everything documented for your insurer when you file your claim.

Roadside assistance doesn’t apply to car lot fees, either. If your car is on a lot, it is encouraged to get it as soon as possible, as you are responsible for covering costs for each day your car is on the lot.

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