Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay For A Roof Replacement?

Your homeowners insurance policy can pay for a roof replacement as long as a few qualifications are met, such as if the roof:

  • Is less than 20 years old
  • Was damaged by a natural or accidental incident
  • Has received necessary maintenance

What You Should Do

Even if you meet these requirements, home insurance can still be tricky, so it’s important that you take as many measures as possible to ensure you get the coverage you deserve. 

To have your roof replacement insured, you will need to take care of a few things. One of the first and best things you can do, if possible, would be to have “before” photos of the roof. If you have a “before” photo of the roof to prove to the insurance company that the damages present haven’t always been there, the more likely it will be they will cover the replacement.

You will also want to make sure you know how old your roof is. If the roof is older than 20-years-old, chances are, it will not be covered even if there is damage from an insured incident.

Don’t forget to keep records of any and all repairs and maintenance that have been done to your roof while you have lived there. This shows the insurance company that you have kept up with its regular maintenance, are responsible, and the damage done was due to an insured incident, not just from wear-and-tear.

Find a Policy Today With the Help of Remco Insurance

The average roof replacement can cost up to $10,000 and possibly even more if the damage is bad enough. If you have to cover this cost because you don’t have the proper coverage or have an unreliable policy, this could leave a gaping hole in your wallet. Nobody wants that!

Remco Insurance will do what it takes to make sure you find a policy that provides you with the home insurance coverage you need. If you would like to speak with one of our agents about your home insurance options, give us a call.