Nighttime Safety Driving Tips

Just about everyone has to drive at night at some time or another. But nighttime driving is always going to be more dangerous than daytime driving. There are ways you can stay safer on the road at night, however. The biggest tip is to put your full attention on the road and avoid hazards by slowing down.

Here are some other tips for safe driving at night:

Don’t Talk On The Phone While Driving

A lot of people like to drive while talking to someone on the phone. Even if you have the other person on speakerphone, it’s best to avoid being on the phone while driving at night. That way, you can keep your full attention on the road. In some states, it’s even illegal to talk on the phone during the day as well, so be sure to respect local laws.

Never Text And Drive

A reminder: Texting and driving — day or night —  is never safe.

Know How To Use Your Headlights Effectively

Your bright headlights can be especially useful when you’re not near any cities, commerce, or streetlights. But you shouldn’t have them on all the time when driving at night. Instead, use them when you aren’t around other traffic. If you leave them on all the time, you could impair another driver’s vision and cause an accident.

Never Drive Tired

It’s easy to assume you can make it driving another hour or two even if you’re tired, but this is never smart. You’re putting yourself and others on the road at risk if you drive while tired. Stop and take a nap. Call a friend and see if you can doze off at their house. Or, simply get a hotel. It’s never worth it to test the limits of fatigue on the road.

Be Prepared With A Strong Car Insurance Policy

No one wants to think an accident at night will happen. But accidents do happen, and you need to be prepared for them. If you don’t already have a comprehensive auto insurance policy in place, speak to a reputable car insurance agent in your area today to sign up for a plan.